Color & Interior Design

…because color matters!

Blossom is a residential and commercial color consultant and more. Whether you have a home, office or business interior that needs attention, she can take the guesswork out of choosing the right colors for your space. Blossom’s extensive expertise with color theory and the principles of color harmony and symmetry will help you pull together a space you can be proud of without all the doubts and fears you may have about making color decisions.


Why Interior Design Colors Make a Difference?

Color is an adventure and is only limited by our imagination. It is also one of the most important elements in interior design because it can set a mood or vibe for a space, make us feel relaxed and comfortable, or breathe new life into treasured pieces of furniture and accessories. In the case of an office or business, color can also influence productivity and creativity.

Researchers say that our brains react to color by releasing different chemicals that affect us on both an emotional and physical level. In general, red is stimulating and inspiring, blue is calming and serene, green is restful and refreshing, and orange evokes energy and excitement. If you think about it, we even describe our emotions in terms of color, for example “green with envy”, “true blue”, “tickled pink” and “seeing red”. It’s the job of a color consultant to help us transform our emotions and energize our homes and businesses with color.


Why Choose a Color Consultant?

Color is the least expensive way to transform your environment and give it personality. But choosing the right paint color is an art and relies on instinct, emotional response and principles of color theory. Just because a color looks good on a paint chip or in a magazine doesn’t mean it will look attractive on the wall. A trained interior color consultant can identify color undertones and understand how colors and textures work together. A color consultant will brainstorm with you and provide you with options to help guide you toward creating beautiful living and/or working spaces. Color matters in your home and business… let Blossom Dezine show you how much difference color can make!

Color Consultant & Home Interior Design

Our homes should be relaxing and restful, and color psychology is a key element in achieving it. A residential color consultant like Blossom Dezine can be a lifesaver, even if you are already creative and capable but just don’t know where to start. Maybe you have already spent thousands on furniture, cabinets, drapes and tile, and then realized that the color is all wrong. No matter your budget, we provide affordable home interior design and color consultation in the New York metropolitan area to help you express your own sense of style and transform your home, loft or condo into a place of beauty that you’ll be proud to show off!

Blossom Dezine can help you:

  • Get more enjoyment from your living space
  • Use color to highlight architectural details, antiques or collectibles
  • Weave together color elements from pillows to wood trim
  • Enhance the flow and balance between rooms
  • Assess and adjust the effect of lighting
  • Give your home a pre-sale makeover to attract buyers

Color Consultant & Business/Office Interior Design

Whether it’s your own personal office or a place of business where you interact with customers or patients, the strategic use of color can give you the power to drive sales, satisfy customers and increase your employees’ sense of well-being. It’s not an accident that McDonald’s chose bright yellow, a color that suggests happiness and youth, for its arches. It’s not coincidental that Starbucks selected maroon and dark green, colors that suggest warmth and togetherness, for the interiors of its coffee houses. And there is a good reason we often see calming, relaxing greens and blues in spas and yoga studios. A color consultant can help you shift the moods of your customers and give your employees a stimulating setting to work in.

Blossom Dezine can help you:

  • Create a distinctive, vibrant and inviting atmosphere
  • Set the tone and level of formality
  • Increase patient satisfaction and promote healing
  • Energize your workers and reduce fatigue
  • Refresh employee morale and help them concentrate
  • Enhance the flow and balance between rooms and corridors
  • Blend color elements from furnishings to trim to artwork

There’s no need to spend hours and days agonizing over the ideal color scheme for your space. You need a professional! When you’re ready to recreate or brighten up your environment, consider hiring Blossom Dezine as your color consultant and designer. Contact us today to start accentuating your life with color!

Go ahead… create your mood