Creative Marketing Ideas – Is Your Brand Visible?

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”…[Seth Godin]

Consumers today are swamped with so many choices that they quickly become overwhelmed. Most of us are creatures of habit and go for the products or services we know well and have confidence in. So how will you get your foot in the door? How will your business get noticed? What story will you tell with your marketing collateral?

It’s up to you to make your target audience aware of your products or services, and we can help! Blossom Dezine’s graphic designs & creative marketing ideas can help you grab the attention of potential customers, get your brand noticed and make you competitive in a crowded marketplace. Our expertise in company branding design and our creative marketing ideas will help you communicate what your business stands for and what consumers can expect when they do business with you.

When marketing a business, the materials you select will introduce the face of your business to potential customers, so make sure they are telling the story that you want to tell. Start with basic components such as a logo, business cards and a website, but make sure you have an adequate variety of other marketing materials to tell your story in every important venue.


Graphic Design & Marketing

Blossom Dezine specializes in marketing collateral that will help your business grow. We deliver inspiring designs that simply inspire, and incorporate them into your business cards, brochures, packaging, letterhead, media kits, sales kits and more. With 10 years of professional design experience, we bring designs to life in a wide range of mediums and styles. We can inject unique and vibrant graphic designs and creative marketing ideas into your overall marketing strategy to help you establish a professional, consistent brand identity. Our graphic design & marketing services will set you on a path to success and expose your brand to more prospects.

Creative marketing ideas & designs that we deliver

Examples of the graphic design & marketing collateral we can deliver include:

  • Company logo design
  • Business brochure design (print/digital)
  • brochure design (downloadable)
  • Print ad campaigns
  • Sales sheet & sales kit design
  • Product & packaging design
  • CD/DVD packaging design
  • Annual report design
  • Landing page design
  • Book cover design (print/digital)
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Retail store displays
  • Advertising banners
  • Trade show exhibit design
  • Media kits
  • B2B & B2C direct mail marketing
  • Pamphlets and flyers
  • Creative menu design
  • Event programs
  • Promotional handouts & giveaways
  • Web design
  • Custom business card design
  • Letterhead

Whether you are developing a marketing strategy from scratch or re-marketing your business to attract a wider audience, our creative marketing ideas will help you develop the full potential of your brand. Please browse our portfolio for a small sample of our latest designs. Contact Blossom Dezine today for a marketing consultation and watch your brand bloom!

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