Retail & Package Design

Retail Packaging Design

A package is more than just a container. It is an asset that can prompt someone to purchase your product. Unlike print design which can stand alone (e.g. a point of purchase display), your products will be competing toe-to-toe on the shelf with your competitors’ products. The right retail packaging design can sell just about anything, so an effective concept is essential for improving your sales, profits and growth. And, when someone buys your attractive product, the package they carry around with them is the ultimate in advertising for your brand.

Research has shown that 93% of consumers respond to visual factors when making a purchase, yet your product has only 1/10 of a second to attract their attention! With so many choices confronting consumers, your product packaging must accomplish two things – it must get your product noticed and encourage the customer to buy it. There is a big difference between nice-looking graphic design and retail packaging design that sells products. Blossom Dezine understands the distinction.


Our packaging graphic design solutions

How can Blossom Dezine help you draw attention to your products? Packaging graphic design is a sophisticated combination of advertising, branding and information design. We will design the packaging from beginning to end – from the graphics and artwork to the layout and photography. We can also help you select package design printers, carton and label manufacturers, other packaging vendors and merchandising options. We will create eye-catching retail packaging designs to make your product command attention and make its way into the shopping cart.

Blossom Dezine works with small and large clients, locally, nationally and internationally. We collaborate with you to define your product’s best features and develop a strategy for telling your brand’s story through visual means. We learn about your business, you competitors and you marketplace. We design compelling graphics and write copy that sells. In addition, we can offer you solutions for marketing collaterals such as brochures, catalogs and other print advertising.

We can assume responsibility for all or part of your project. Our affordable retail packaging design services will differentiate your products from the others and help establish your global brand. Whether you are bringing a new product to the market or giving your current retail packaging design a brand new look, Blossom Dezine’s inspired designs will help inspire consumers to buy your products!

You make the product…

We’ll design the package for it!