Fine Art & Illustration

Blossom is a graphic designer and talented artist. She is available for high-quality commissioned artwork, including custom oil paintings and custom illustrations. Her classic work combines texture, mood and of course color, and she has the ability to express complex concepts in visually pleasing ways. She has completed many private and commercial assignments and will work with you to create unique and original pieces that will exceed your expectations.

Commissioned artwork – Custom oil paintings

Blossom accepts commissions for a wide range of custom artwork including landscapes and portraits for decorators, private collectors and art lovers worldwide.

Aside from enjoying and admiring them in your personal space at home, custom oil paintings are ideal for professionals to display in offices and building lobbies. They also make thoughtful gifts to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, holidays and new home purchases. Commissioned artwork can be created based on a special photograph of a loved one, a favorite vacation spot and any other imaginable subject.

Commissioned artwork – Custom illustrations

Blossom also specializes in small scale custom illustrations that will help your business communicate its message in logos, product illustration, retail packaging design and POP (Point of Purchase) displays. She can also apply her skills to custom illustrations for book art, advertising, posters, magazine covers and web design. When you need to inspire your business’ target audience through creative custom illustrations, Blossom will work with you to help communicate your story and realize your objectives.

Blossom combines all of the right elements of expression and creativity in her custom oil paintings and custom illustrations. Review her online portfolio which showcases some recent examples of her work. Whether you need something for your business or simply want to enjoy a personalized piece of original fine art, please contact Blossom Dezine today!

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