“Everyone who has worked with Blossom  at the Paradigm Group will agree that asking Blossom to join our team was one of the best decisions I made.

Blossom proved not only to be hardworking and professional, but so much more. She has a great eye for design, crossing many platforms including brochures, flyers, catalogs, websites, e-mail campaigns, presentations, packaging, and more. Blossom was easily able to work within a difficult environment managing a fast-changing organization; experienced corporate name changes, branding development, sales & marketing communications, and the complete launch of a start-up product line. Blossom has forever put her fingerprint on design and heart of the Emerald Eco brand and products. She was able to routinely take complex ideas and translate them into simple, elegant, understandable images. She is a pleasure to work with and I always wished I could see the world through her eyes; it must be a wonderful place.”

Barry W.

Sales and Marketing Consultant
February 29, 2012


“Blossom has a great sense of marketing and design that bring products to the forefront. She has taken products that have traditionally been sold in a BTB marketplace with not much focus on packaging design, to products that look great on retail shelves. It’s Blossom’s dedication and talent that drives her to success.”

Lenny B.

VP Global Procurement
February 17, 2012