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Your logo is the first impression people will have of your company. The way people perceive your business will ultimately be based on your products, your employees and the services you deliver, but a logo can create a picture in the customer’s mind about your company’s culture and values. Your logo gives your brand a symbol by which people will recognize your company and distinguish it from other businesses.

New businesses often give little thought to their identity because other expenses (equipment, products) get in the way. But this can be a big mistake! A professionally designed logo can quickly help you gain credibility and lure customers away from your competitors. You will use it in all of your marketing and promotional materials, and people will see it everywhere. It’s crucial to project the right image and make a lasting impression.

Custom logo designs from Blossom Dezine will communicate your unique message creatively and clearly. We can create your brand new logo from scratch, or redraw and refresh a logo you don’t think captures the interest of your customers. Let us help you create an affordable logo design to remember!

What is a logo?

A logo is a mark of identification. It is not your brand – it represents and identifies your brand. Logos are everywhere we look. They are on our cars, our cell phones, our clothing, our shampoo, catalogs we receive in the mail, our business cards and stationery, and nearly every product we use along with the box it came in. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and giving your customers a well-designed, distinctive visual image of your business can make all the difference in the world. Creative custom logo designs may be one of your best investments for success in a world overwhelmed by underwhelming logos.

Why choose a freelance logo designer?

Logos should be clean, strong and simple to make sure your underlying message comes through. They should also be unique, original and timeless. Once your logo has attracted customer recognition, redesigning it can be counterproductive. A freelance logo designer, such as Blossom Dezine, can devote the attention to detail that’s necessary to convert your ideas or concept into a unique representation of your business.

Ingenuity and individuality is present in every logo we design. We avoid stock images because they are widely used by businesses worldwide. A logo that looks like someone else’s will fail to communicate your unique message. Custom logo designs must also be adaptable for all media and sizes. Blossom Dezine will help you integrate your logo throughout your other business materials – business cards, stationery, signage, product packaging, advertising and promotional materials. Different logo sizes are important as you may need to use them on small boxes and huge billboards, on TV and on your website. Your logo should always be flexible.

Creative logo designs – brought to you in color!

Colors elicit emotions in people and can create powerful feelings. Some are clean, some are strong, and some are harsh. Every shade of color can convey a different message. We help you decide which colors and typography will best translate your company’s image to the public. Our custom logo designs can start your new business off with credibility and professionalism, or reintroduce your business to the marketplace and make you competitive again. Contact us today for an affordable logo design that will symbolize your business perfectly!

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